Type 1 Diabetes patients live longer with immediate Blood Glucose Control

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According to a recent research study on Type 1 diabetic patients states that the earlier they start controlling the level of glucose the longer they live. Written in the newspaper, Journal, of American Medical Association, was the finding of the research that those who control their blood sugar level at an early age live longer than those who don’t. This research was funded by National Institute of Health.

Dr. Catherine Cowie, member of National Institute of Health (NIH) funded the study done by Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) and Epidemiology of Diabetes Control and Complications (EDIC). She said the approach of people with type 1 diabetes towards their disease is much better than before. The findings has helped people by ensuring that people who take care of the blood sugar level at the early stages of diagnosis, do have a change of surviving longer.

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Type 1 diabetes is found in children and young adults. Pancreas in our bodies make insulin to keep a check on the blood sugar level, but bodies of people suffering from diabetes do not produce enough insulin to keep level of blood sugar to normal.

A study done in 1983 on 1441 people suffering from type 1 diabetes, showed that the group which was taking intensive care had less eye, kidney or any sort of nerve disease as compared to the group without any intensive care. After over 20 years of study a total of 107 people died, amongst which 64 deaths were from the group that received standard treatment and 43 were from the intensive treatment group. Though diabetes was not the cause of all deaths, around 33% deaths were due to diabetes. Other causes include cancer, extremely low or high blood sugar level, cardiovascular diseases, or accidents. It was also noted in the standard group more death were caused due to kidney diseases caused by diabetes, as compared to the intensive treatment group. It was also found that a high percentage of protein in their urine and higher sugar levels were also major factor causing death.

The lead author of the study, Trevor Orchard claims that many studies done on type 1 diabetic patients have concluded that increased protein levels in urine do have a correlation to death. Being the professor at the University of Pittsberg, he said that higher level or protein is a cause for reduced lifespan. He emphasizes on the fact that the results show important information that taking control of glucose level at an early age can increase the lifespan of diabetic patients.

After the conduction of this study in 1993, by DCCT, it has been stated that controlling blood sugar levels at the early stages of type 1 diabetes can in fact solve many other side effects of the disease while also giving the patient a longer lifespan.

Owing to this study, Director of NIDDK, Griffin P. Rogers said that millions of type 1 diabetic patients have now become more aware and can take steps to ensure a longer lifespan for themselves by either preventing or delaying it. Take intensive care will also reduce the impact of diabetes on their eyes, nerves and/or kidney.

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