10 Best Diabetes Diet and Food Videos

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Fruits & Vegetables for Diabetic

Fruits and vegetables are good for a person with diabetes. These are important in maintaining a healthy diet. With the right foods a person with diabetes can lead a long and healthy life. Watch this video to learn more about the best fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.

Diabetes Diet: Healthy snacks

Is there really a healthy way to snack? Snacking need not be all junk food. This short clip reshapes how we think of snaking and introduces us to a more healthy way of doing so. This is important in maintaining your overall health.

Diabetes Management: Healthy Eating

Learn how to practice self-management through healthy eating. Many people fear that they will have to change their entire lifestyle as a result of diabetes. This is untrue. However, you do have to develop a healthy eating plan and know what foods to avoid. Watch to learn more.

Diabetes Basics: Create Your Plate

It is crucial that you grasp the meaning of the term ‘creating your plate.’ By creating an imaginary line running down the middle of your plate with one side divided again into two more sections, you can create a healthy meal. This method of eating can help you maintain your blood sugar levels. You will find out more by watching this video.

Putting Together a Gluten-Free Meal

Learn how to maintain a gluten free diet. To regulate your blood glucose level you have to discover how to control your diet and weight and have fun whilst doing so. This has a lot to do with assigning the right portions of what your body needs to your plate. Watch this video for more information.

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are substitutes for solid food meals that we can use to plan our diet. There are different types of meal replacements with diverse purposes. Watch this video to learn more about the recommended meal replacements.

Diabetes Basics: Eating Out

You can eat healthy even when eating out. Thinking about what you’re eating, when you are eating and how much you are eating does this. Here you will learn more about the food options that can help you maintain a healthy diet plan when eating out.

Diabetes: Why is oatmeal heart-healthy?

Did you know that oatmeal reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing the amount of cholesterol that gets into your intestines? With added benefits for people with diabetes, this short clip will make you take oatmeal seriously, if you haven’t already.

Diabetes: About your diet: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have an important role to play in our body as it is a source of energy. However, a person with diabetes must regulate his carbohydrates. Here you will learn how this can be done and the importance of doing so.

Diabetes: Salt and cholesterol

Although the risk of heart disease and stroke is higher in people with diabetes, this can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet low in salt and fat. Learn more about the distinction between bad fats and good fats thereby helping you plan your diet.

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