10 Best Videos on Diabetes Complications

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Complications from diabetes

There are various complications that may result from diabetes. This is so because people with diabetes are at a higher risk of health problems than normal people. This is a basic overview on the nature of the different complications that may result from high blood glucose level over a long period of time.

Blindness and blurry vision (Retinopathy)

Retinopathy is a scientific term given to blindness and blurry vision. Diabetic retinopathy as the name suggests, is a problem faced by people with diabetes. This is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the retina. Watch this video to understand its causes, symptoms and how this can be treated and prevented.

Diabetes: Nerve damage (Neuropathy)

Diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves caused by diabetes. This can result in a tingling sensation and numbness of the lower leg. There are various ways diabetic neuropathy can be treated or controlled. Watch to learn more.

Diabetes: How do I know if I have nerve damage?

Nerve damage is common amongst people with diabetes. By managing your blood glucose level, you can manage the effect of nerve damage. Amongst the early signs of nerve damage are numbness of the feet and a tingling sensation. More information is contained in the video above.

Diabetes: Kidney Disease

There are various health complications that are associated with diabetes. Kidney disease is one of them. By controlling and managing your blood glucose level you can effectively prevent or delay kidney disease. Watch to learn more.

Diabetes: Foot care

It is important that a person with diabetes care for his feet everyday. This is more so for people with neuropathy who do not feel pain when they injure their feet. Here is a short clip on how to prevent foot injuries by caring for your feet.

Diabetes: Am I at risk for heart disease?

How do you know if you are at risk of a heart disease? Persons with diabetes are twice more likely to have a heart disease than normal people. By losing weight, checking blood pressure, watching cholesterol intake and eating healthy, you will be able to prevent a heart disease. Here is an opportunity to learn more.

Diabetes: What do I do during a heart attack?

A heart attack is caused where cholesterol and other fatty substances clog the arteries. When the flow of blood is eventually cut off, a heart attack is triggered. Should anyone suffer from a heart attack around you don’t hesitate to call 911. Watch the clip above for more information.

Diabetes: Heart disease and stroke

Heart disease and stroke are more common in people with diabetes than in people without. There are various ways by which you can decrease the odds of a heart disease or stroke. Such include a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. More information is contained in this video.

Diabetes: What causes a stroke?

What would you do if a stroke happens to anyone around you? There are various warning signs of a stroke. One of the most common is slurred speech. Should anyone suffer from a stroke around you call 911. It is important that the victim gets to the hospital within three hours. Check out this video to know more.