Lower blood pressure can benefit type 2 diabetes patients

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If you have diabetes type 2, then there is some good news for you. Research done on over 100,000 diabetics, and data collected from 40 trials suggests that lower blood pressure can reduce the risks occurring from type 2 diabetes.

Till now we knew that lower blood pressure reduced the chances of cardiovascular diseases, but it wasn’t clear if patients will already lower BP also showed the same results.

Patients of diabetes are more prone to hypertension as compared to healthy people. Recently, guidelines about Blood Pressure levels were released stating that 140mmHg was the more suitable and safe target for diabetics, but this study reveals otherwise. It suggests that the maximum target should be 130mmHg or lower because during the study patients having blood pressure lower than that had lower risk of suffering from diabetes related complications.

Lower Blood Pressure helps Diabetes

The study posted in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), analyzed the study and found that lowering of BP by only 10mmHg resulted in reduction of 13% risk of dying.

The research was done, along with colleagues, by Kazem Rahimi from Oxford. An extensive research was done for 12 months on over 100,000 diabetic patients; 40 trials were conducted at The George Institute for Global Health. He found that reduction in only 10 points in BP was directly linked to reduction of eye diseases by 13% and diseases in the kidney by a good 17%.

Though the medication worked wonders for the patients with high BP, the impact of the same medication was comparatively very low in people with a low BP baseline (lower than 140mmHg). The medication may not have had a huge impact, but the reduced chances of heart, kidney and eye diseases were significant.

The conclusion drawn from this study was that patients of diabetes, with more than 140mmHg BP would get the most benefit from lowering their blood pressure. As for the patients with low BP to start with (lower than 140mmHg), the effect of the medication needs to be closely monitored to know the benefits of it.

This research provides enough evidence to put emphasis on the control of BP in type 2 diabetic patients. This study provides important information because it lets people know that the risks of mortality and other diseases can be lowered by significantly lowering and keeping a control over your BP.

The co-author of this study, believes that the new guidelines for the target of BP should be changed as it could be dangerous for the diabetics. He adds, that even though you have only a moderately high BP, and take the medication to lower your BP, you will be at an advantage.
There is yet a drawback of this study. Though it has been able to clearly state that blood pressure control in diabetics is important, it has not been able to show if patients need to control their BP moderately or follow a strict routine.

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