30 million Americans have diabetes, 25% not even aware

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According to a research done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that approximately 30 million citizen of America are patients of diabetes out of which, only three-fourths are aware of it.

Stovy Bowlin, who is 56-years-old, from Cedar Creeks knows the severity of this incurable disease; and that it has become his motive to live life in order to only spread awareness about this disease. Word has it that he not only spreads awareness but also helps people in learning about the disease in order to prevent it.

The man who admits to being as stubborn as a bull says his motive is to reach out to all those who share the same feelings about diabetes, as him. Intending to work with those who are as strong willed as him about awareness of diabetes, Bowlin sets on the mission to the event at Camp Mabry called ‘Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes’.

Diabetes in men

Disease caused due to deficiency in a hormone called Insulin, which is produced by the body to digest or metabolize sugar is known as diabetes. Insulin is released by the pancreas in order to control the level of blood sugar in our bodies.

Due to deficiency in insulin, and rise in blood sugar levels, blood vessel and nerve are damaged. This may lead to organ damage, amputation or even blindness (in severe cases).

Bowlin said that he did not realize, but his medical condition has worsened and took to turn to becoming a crisis. He followed this by the story of how he went from being 290 pounds to (now) 240 pounds within a year. He underwent a surgery for an abscess at St. David’s South Austin Medical Centre. Surgeons found a bacteria inside that abscess. More bad news was yet to come. Along with the 8-inch problem, with a bacteria feeding on flesh inside it, was his high level of blood sugar of over 500. Doctors consider level of blood sugar of a little over 100 to be normal.

Browlin says his condition had worsened so much that he wasn’t far from entering the state of coma.

High blood sugar level, ignored for a long time became a home for the bacteria and pathogens. Bowlin says that the reason the abscess became so large was due to his neglection.

Bowlin showed his shirt to Chief Medical Officer of St. David’s South Autin, where he had taken signatures of all those who had cared for him. Dr. Gros says, CDC’s research shows a worse scenario which could occur in the future, adding that patients not knowing about diabetes is not uncommon.

Dr. Gros revealed frightening news that if no action is taken to prevent people from getting diabetes, then by 2020 one-fourth of American population will be affected by it.

Diabetes goes unnoticed in many Americans because the signs of this disease are hard to detect, says Gros. In order to know how he can help people better, Bowlin took a flight to CDC. He along with his team members of Step Out are ones leading in raising funds for American Diabetes Foundation, in the world.

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