Don Francisco launches Diabetes website

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Don Francisco, the renowned TV show host, is launching a new website called “Cuida Tu Don” which is about how you and your family can prevent diabetes. He is taking this initiative because he knows how dangerous this chronic disease is and wants others to know about it too.

Diabetes is amongst the most harmful diseases for the Latinos. Almost 12.8% people of Hispanic origin suffer from diabetes. It is believed that the Latinos have a tendency to suffer from this disease because of genetic transfer. Beef belly.

The Latin host was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, 14 years ago, and that is why he felt that he needed to spread the message of the dangers of this disease. On his website, Don can be found interviewing various people from doctors to diabetic patients talking about diabetes, its causes, prevention and controlling blood sugar levels. Don says that the videos and contents on his website are very helpful as you can know about the warning symptoms and get knowledge about taking control of you blood sugar levels, if you already have diabetes.

Don Francisco launches diabetes website

Taking inspiration from one of the questions asked by the interviewee of Saludify, Don has considered undertaking a new initiative. He plans to encourage young people to get their elder family member- parents or grandparents- to get an early check for any signs of diabetes. He thinks of the idea, to target the young generation, as a good one. He further adds that he would ask his crew members to dedicate a section on how the youth can persuade their families into thinking differently about diabetes.

Mofitt Cancer Centre had done a research on Hispanic and non-Hispanics. The study was done in order to see the amount of trust they have on doctors, and without any surprise, the Hispanic (older generation and non-college- educated) complained about having been treated as the subjects of medical experiment by the doctors; whereas the non-Hispanics complained about no such thing. The same is can be concluded about the check-up regarding diabetes. The distrust on doctors leads to lesser people going for an examination.

When asked about how he was so fit even after acquiring the disease he replied by telling us his daily routine which involves eating healthy and living healthy. He takes 6 meals a day, checks his blood sugar level, controls on his diet and makes sure to exercise regularly. He says that he religiously follows what his doctor tells him to do and that has kept him going for so long.

You can find more on his website about diabetes: what does it do to your body, how can you prevent it, or balance the blood sugar level in your body. If you go and check this website out, we are sure that you will have something or the other to learn from this informative website created to help the millions of people who are suffering. This website is for everyone: for those who have diabetes and also for those who don’t.

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